Nonkilling Balkans Exploratory Forum in Sarajevo


Invitation to potential participants, 

We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity, to present to you a proposal to collaborate on the organization of the ‘Nonkilling Balkans 2014 – Nonkilling Exploratory Forum’ – a Balkans and global gathering of leaders from a broad range of scientific and humanitarian disciplines.

The goal of this research forum is to explore the possibilities of:

  • Transforming the Balkans as a whole, inclussive of all  its respective parts, into a world region whose future will be free of killing of humans by humans
  • Supporting numerous Balkans and Balkans-related global ideas and movements aiming to establish, in this historically and politically volatile region, societies founded on the principles of ultimate humanitarian value of nonkilling

We thus ask you to endorse this Symposium and to collaborate  on its organization with the institutions listed below. We also ask you to endorse the Symposium and provide research and scientific sponsorship/support, alongside the organizations and institutions listed bellow.

  • Nonkilling Balkans Forum
  • Center for Global Nonkilling, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • Regional Political Sciences Schools and College/University Departments
  • Other likeminded institutions and organizations from the region

We further propose the gathering be held on August 28 and 29 this year in Hotel Bosnia in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The organization and delivery of this global gathering of scientists and humanists Sarajevo in 2014 could represent an orchestrated entry of this part of the world into the third millenium ensuing most humane of the ways human societies can be organized – based on the philosophy and values of nonkilling. This event  would also coincide with the 100th anniversary of the beginning  of World War I – one of the bloodiest and most tragic pages of human history, symbolically started in Sarajevo in 1914.

A human is a being  of enormous importance not only on the planet Earth but also in the whole of cosmos. Our mind is so powerful that, should we so decide, we could erase the bloody history of the civilizations past and present and move towards building societies based on nonkilling, in every corner of our planet and in the Balkans. However abundant the history of humankind may be in examples of human killing of other humans, it is also rich in examples of exceptional humanism, cheritable brotherhood and nonkilling. If we so choose, we can turn our minds towards humane social structures and – through our legal systems, political sciences, philosophies of social relations, religious canons, educational systems developed for future generations, arts and other aspects of creative expressions – erase hateful, violent and destructive solutions to resolving our differring interests, misunderstandings and conflicts. For, in the heart of the Balkans – Bosnia and Herzegovina specifically – there still exists a message very similar to the messages of ancient China, India, Persia, in today’s Center for Global Nonkilling and Nonkilling Balkans Forum – Whatever you do to others, you practically do to yourself. We at the Nonkilling Balkans Forum have accepted this maxim as we believe that the only true patriotism is the love for all people in the world. The instigation of hatred toward any one people or any one person harms the instigator the most. So, people all over the world shoud be obliged under oath to equally respect every member of our human community throughout our lives, regardless of their appearance, nationality, religious beliefs, gender and other individual characteristics.

The Balkans in their past used to have a very advanced spiritual and cultural movements  among its peoples, which in their ways of living and in ways of relating to God emphasised brotherhood and nonkilling of humans by humans. They need to be rediscovered and lessons learned from why they failed to prevent killing. The Forum will invite creative thought on how nonkilling values can serve all Balkans peoples in the present and future.

Today, the humankind is  enabled by the technologies at our disposal to provide benefits to all people; by the information systems and means which, in a rather near future, will  completely erase the state borders, will intermix cultures and rases, and will make every human being a member of the global human community.

A book recently appeared throughout the Central South Slavic languages region  written by one of the most renowned humanists today, the founder of the Center for Global Nonkilling ( ), Glenn D. Paige, Ph.D.,  titled Nonkilling Global Political Science. The Nonkilling Balkans Forum ( ) organized the publishing of this fundamental work in the field of new political nonkilling science through the ‘Bosnian Word’ publishing house from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is expected that this scientific work will shortly be translated and published in Romanian and Bulgarian also, while the book has already been translated into over 20 languages worldwide. The appearance of this book in the Balkans also opened the scientific and documentary possibility for organizing the historical gatherig in Sarajevo in 2014.

The Center for Global Nonkilling so far has organized a number of publication releases within the field of nonkilling global political science. The existing body of knowledge on how to build nonkilling societies and transform human communities creating humane future is already credible and with merit.

 During two days of Sarajevo symposium scientists and humanists from world-wide are going to present to their Balkans people, colleagues  and humanists their experiences and scientific research results related to the conditions necessary for creating nonkilling societies. We are certain that ‘Nonkilling Balkans 2014’ symposium would have a resounding effect in the Balkans and throughout the world. We are certain that it would inspire and offer a realistic hope to the peoples of the region to mobilize their human potential towards building a society in which the new generations would reject hatred and killing and embrace nonviolence and nonkiling as their philosophy of social relations and way of living.

We ask that you consider our proposal to participate on  the international ‘Nonkilling Balkans 2014 – Nonkilling Exploratory Forum’ in Sarajevo and to advise us of your decisions, suggestions, and further questions by email at, or We will be very happy if you have possibility to present your writen work related to Filosophy and the way of life against hatried, abuse and any way of killings humans by humans. The paper should be  your contribution to the creation of nonkilling future of our civilization.

With sincere regards and expectation of your participation to  scientific Symposium ‘Nonkilling Balkans 2014’.

Rifet Bahtijaragić, Prof., Writter,                                   Prof. Dr. Ivana Milojević,

the member of Center for Global Nonkilling      University USC, Australia,

and founder of Nonkilling Balkans Forum          the member of Center for

–                                                                       Global Nonkilling and cofounder

–                                                                              of Nonkilling Balkans Forum





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